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How Fin-tech is revolutionising banking

As we have introduced in our previous blog post, the UK offers one of the most vibrant banking sectors in the European region. In particular, technology-driven innovations in the financial sector — i.e. fin-tech — made it easier than ever to access banking services for non-UK residents.


While technology changed most aspects of our daily lives, until recently, the majority of banking-related operations have been carried out in the traditional way.

For example, opening a bank account in most main-street banks for non-UK residents still requires a number of steps that make it a challenging and complex operation, for both personal and business accounts.

Additionally, standard bank accounts usually lack the flexibility and ease-of-use that professionals and companies require, especially if operating in a cloud environment and also with diverse international settings as doing business under several jurisdictions and currencies.


Fortunately, a growing number of fintech players are revolutionizing the financial services sector, making it easier than ever to open and manage both personal and business bank accounts.

Thanks to our strong network of relationships with banks and fintech providers, at The Entrepreneurs Private Office we able to offer a series of solutions ensuring fast, efficient, and successful banking services fulfilling all type of needs, especially those of non-UK residents.


If you want to learn more about how we can help you with your bank account, get in touch with The Entrepreneurs Private Office. We offer FREE initial consultations entirely dedicated to understanding your needs!


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