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Benefits of using a Virtual Office for day-to-day business operations and post-pandemic strategy

Although COVID-19 led to many drawbacks, the pandemic crisis has encouraged flexible working, which emboldens businesses to benefit from virtual offices.


In 2016, the UK had more than four million Britons working from home, and many of these people worked via fully-connected virtual offices. Following these statistics, one can only imagine how much the number of businesses using virtual offices has increased due to COVID-19 and digitalization. It is predicted that “more agile solution around office space” will be an inevitable post-pandemic strategy, where businesses concentrate more on re-establishing supply chains and re-hiring employees rather than wasting time on signing leases on buildings for the long-term with no flexibility.

One recent study estimates that up to 30% of the global workforce will be working from home multiple days a week by the end of 2021, suggesting the crucial role flexibility will play in the future. 

There are numerous advantages to using virtual offices. For instance, employers can avoid costly expenses (e.g rent and electricity), address within a reputable area code (reassure clients that the business is legitimate), improve work-life balance (free time and flexibility), and many more.

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