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Client Stories: hotel refinancing project in London

Our client — a luxury 100-rooms hotel in London — required support in refinancing its current mortgage structure.

Our team provided a full range of financing solutions that ensured a smooth and effective transaction.


After thoroughly understanding our client's needs, we designed a strategy – in partnership with leading players specialised in the hospitality financing – covering all the various aspects required, providing crucial coordination between functions and ensuring successful outcome.

We then executed our strategy by setting up a plan of action, in partnership with a leading mortgage brokerage company, comprising the negotiation of the mortgage terms with several lenders, as well as the renegotiation of the lease structure with the current hotel operator.



Client’s needs: Lack of local market knowledge, short time-frame.

Services offered: Advisory, Banking relationship, Mortgage brokerage, Relationship management.

Results: Received several competitive offers in a timely manner.


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