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Client Stories: supporting a DMC as their external-CFO

Our client required set-up, administrative and payment systems support to launch a Luxury DMC (Destination Management Company). We provided a full range of external-CFO services that guaranteed a smooth and efficient set-up.


After thoroughly understanding the various aspects of our client's complex business model and their peculiar needs, we designed a bespoke plan of action that ensured a successful outcome. We then executed our strategy by acting as the external CFO on a daily basis - i.e. invoicing, payment solutions, business planning, and cash flow forecasting - and in all the company secretarial matters - i.e. tax and administrative duties, including HRMC and Companies House.



Client’s needs: establishing a foothold in terms of start-up launch and operations set-up;

Services offered: external CFO, administrative services, processing payments;

Results: the client saw tangible growth in its international customer base and gained the ability to operate at a much smoother and faster pace.


If you want to learn more about how we can help you as an external-CFO, get in touch with The Entrepreneurs Private Office. We offer FREE initial consultations entirely dedicated to understanding your needs!


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