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Importance of Digital Marketing & eCommerce strategy in the UK

Implementing an effective digital marketing and eCommerce strategy can be challenging, especially for SMEs and entrepreneurs. Therefore, it is key to seek assistance before putting a project into action.


Digital marketing contains a range of activities that help companies to win and retain online customers. Sellers that are new to eCommerce, and businesses aiming to focus more time on other activities (e.g. manufacturing, commercial relationships), are advised to consider using a digital marketing specialist.

The U.K. is one of the leading centres for digital marketing in the world, with highly creative independent firms competing alongside the digital divisions of global players in marketing and advertising. 

Integrated cloud marketing platforms such as Adobe Marketing Cloud and serve many of the world’s top companies and brands. At present, these platforms are investing heavily in enhancing existing services with AI and offering new solutions built on machine learning.

The digital advertising revenue in the UK by mobile is to get higher than PC, which indicates that the usage of digital marketing in the UK is increasing rapidly and timely.

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