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Why choose a virtual office over a physical one?

Although COVID-19 led to many drawbacks, the current setting has strongly encouraged flexible working, which emboldens businesses to benefit from virtual offices.

In brief, virtual offices provide a flexible, efficient and cost-effective solution for ventures of all shapes and sizes.


In 2016, the UK had more than four million Britons working from home, and many of these people worked via fully-connected virtual offices. Following these statistics, one can only imagine how much the number of businesses using virtual offices has increased in recent months. It is predicted that a “more agile solution around office space” will be an inevitable post-pandemic strategy, where businesses concentrate more on strategic decisions and re-hiring employees rather than wasting time signing long-term leases on physical offices with no flexibility.


Cost reduction is surely one of the main advantages that a virtual office has over a traditional physical space. Regardless of size or location, a traditional office always comes with lease payments, utility bills, and hardware costs, just to mention a few.

Moreover, most virtual office providers offer business addresses in prestigious and well-known areas, allowing you to portrait a professional, respectable, and reputable image of your venture to current and potential clients.

Additionally, a virtual office brings greater flexibility and productivity, eliminating time wasted on commuting and greatly improving work-life balance.

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