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Why you should set up a Business in the UK

Updated: May 21, 2020

Despite Brexit and the pandemic crisis, the UK still remains the best country in Europe and one of the world for #entrepreneurship, whether you want to start your own business or simply open an office.


The main contributor of the UK economy and employment is digital technology, increasing 50% faster than the broader economy, with London being well ahead of any other European country for capital investment, making it an “international digital powerhouse”. Moreover, the UK is considered one of the best countries for setting up a business due to its Competitive Business Environment. London is also globally recognised as one of the top international hubs of finance, therefore a very appealing place to set-up a company.

Businesses can take advantage of a highly skilled talent pool ideal for #startups ecosystem, benefit from no language barrier for english speakers and advantageous timezone for clients / colleagues communication.

One should also know that in the UK, venture capital (VC) funding is constantly increasing, with no lack of VC funding for entrepreneurs looking to start a company or open an office. Last but not least, the UK is the capital of artificial intelligence (AI) in Europe, making it stand out from other countries in Europe and in the World.

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