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Client Stories: streamlining a travel business' financial planning

Our client required accounting support for their international travel agency.

We provided a full range of cloud accounting services that guaranteed a smooth and efficient set-up.


After thoroughly understanding the various aspects of our client's complex business model and its peculiar needs, we designed a bespoke plan of action that ensured a successful outcome.

We then executed our strategy by collecting all the company's relevant data and recent transactions, liaising with the online service provider and the professional accountants, updating and issuing a large number of invoices, arranging VAT returns and year-end financial statements, and finally coordinated with an external partner to ensure full compliance.



Client’s needs: Quickly reorganising the company's bookkeeping via cloud software and financial planning.

Services offered: Cloud accounting services, Relationship management, Financial planning.

Results: Our client successfully and swiftly transitioned to the new setting, saving time and money.


If you want to learn more about how we can help you with your accounting needs, get in touch with The Entrepreneurs Private Office. We offer FREE initial consultations entirely dedicated to understanding your needs!


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