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Why should you do business in London?

The UK is one of the most prosperous business markets in the world, with a high wealth per capita and plenty of opportunities for capital acquisition, especially within London.

Generating about 30% of the UK GDP, London globally ranks 5th-6th largest metropolitan area GDP after New York or Hong Kong and #1 largest financial center in the world.

Home to both the Bank of England—one of the oldest and most prestigious central banks in the world—and the London Stock Exchange (LSE), the Global Financial Centers Index ranked London as the No. 2 city in terms of:

  • Business environment

  • Human capital

  • Infrastructure

  • Financial sector development

  • Reputational qualities

As the largest city in Europe (8.6m people, 14m in the Metropolitan area), London also is the world’s most visited city for international arrivals (65m per year) and largest city airport system for passenger traffic.

With more than 300 languages spoken in the region and 14 national museums in the city, it is a top cultural capital and has the largest concentration of Higher Education in Europe.

As a London-based advisory boutique for professionals and entrepreneurs, The Entrepreneurs Private Office can help you set up and expand in the dynamic and vibrant capital by offering you a one-stop market access and the best chance of international success.


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